Day-to-Day Plan

Provide your staff with affordable primary care and access to treatment at all private networks.
Lion Health is insurance based and is NOT a medical aid.

Basic Wellbeing General Practitioners UNLIMITED – pre-authorisation required after 3 visits Unlimited visits to network GPs NONE
Basic Wellbeing Virtual Consultations This benefit provides access to a Virtual Consultation Unlimited Virtual Consultations NONE
Advanced Wellbeing All specialist As per annual limits when referred by Network GP R2000 per member; Max R4000 per policy per annum 90 Days
Dental Dentist 2 checkups per annum Incl. scaling, polishing, extractions, fillings Agreed network tariff 90 days
Optometry Optometrist One eye test every 24 months Agreed network tariff 90 days
Optometry – Spectacles Spectacles 1 set per 24 month period Agreed network tariff 90 days
Pathology Blood tests UNLIMITED As per formulary NONE
Radiology Basic black and white x-rays  UNLIMITED As per formulary NONE
Maternity Pregnancy 2 growth scans & UNLIMITED antenatal medication As per formulary 10 months
Medication – Chronic Chronic CDL UNLIMITED -Refer to conditions listed As per medicinal formulary 90 days
Medication – Acute Acute medication R1000 per annum scripts or R150 per month OTC up to R1000 per year As per medicinal formulary NONE
Trauma Room Emergency R5000 per annum Stabilisation NONE
Covid Test and Vaccine Referred to by a network GP As per formulary NONE


Cost per month

The premiums effective from 1 January 2024 will be as follows for retail/individuals:

Cost per month per Main Member R573
Add Spouse R460
Add Child R432